The Modcast Podcast has a whole team of dedicated individuals, working to produce the highest quality podcast possible! Meet our diverse team and see the roles they carry out to keep things running perfectly below!

The Modcast Podcast Hosts

Kairi - Host

Kairi is a co-host for the podcast! She got her start moderating in several online spaces, ranging from Twitch gaming communities to Discord servers for large conventions. She now works in the tech industry because of this experience. Outside of moderation and work, she enjoys gaming with friends, hobby photography, and journaling.

The Production Crew

Panley's avatar

Panley - Director

Panley is the director and lead of the Modcast team. She's been moderating on Discord and Twitch since 2017, starting off with a streamer community. Since then, she's fallen in love with moderation, community management, and helping to keep the internet that little bit safer. In her free time, she's a self taught programmer with several ongoing and past Python projects and a Twitch streamer.

Angel - Producer

Angel is a producer for the podcast! Angel got her start with volunteer community moderating with her first role as a moderator in 2014 for a Twitch partner, which quickly opened doors to other online communities. She began moderating on Discord in 2015, having since moderated several communities on the platform, and is now a part of Discord's volunteer moderator program. In her spare time she plays lots of fps games, livestreams on occasion, and spoils her adorable dog.

Mike - Producer

Mike has been building online communities since the early 2000s, when they started creating forums dedicated to Nintendo video games, and more recently moderated over 80 million subscribers across a few dozen communities on Reddit. They also assisted on a number of Partnered Discord servers, and even co-hosted and produced two podcasts. They now focus their efforts on Discord’s Trust & Safety team, focusing on Community and Policy. For fun, Mike loves to spend time with their dogs, Daisy and Teddy, play games, find new restaurants, and explore nature.

Mary Helene - Producer

Mary Helene is a producer of the Modcast. She's volunteered as a moderator for the r/CasualConversation Discord server for the last three years and served as their administrator for about a year. She also moderates on Reddit communities here and there. She's a journalism student with an interest in public radio and writing about the humans behind a story. In her free time, you can catch her listening to podcasts or audiobooks, crafting, or hanging out with her lovely moderator friends!

Brandon - Editor

Brandon is the audio editor of the Modcast. Brandon has a widely varied moderation background, ranging from game servers, to chat moderation for various spaces. This led him to Discord's moderator program, where he oversees various official servers. When he isn't watching his communities, you can often find him sailing the seas, or playing a bit of car soccer.

Joe - Engineering Lead

Joe is a computer science student who has been moderating and managing communities for a few years now. Most notably, he's the owner of Python Discord. He started out in moderation after joining several programming communities and realizing an unpleasant atmosphere had developed from a lack of proper care. After working in few communities like this, he moved to create Python Discord where he now has over 70 staff members from around the globe and tens of thousands of users. Within the Modcast Team, he's responsible for managing the technical infrastructure including the website, blog, Discord bot, and other services.

Dan - Design & Social Lead

Dan is a designer by day and moderator by night. He loves music and games too (especially retro games)! On the Modcast team, he designs assets and distributes the podcast to wherever it should be as well as looking after many of the Modcast's social media accounts. He moderates across Twitch, Discord, and Reddit.

Drew - Social Media Manager

Drew is a college student who has been involved in the moderation scene for about the last six years or so. He started out modding in games like Garry's Mod and Minecraft. Since then, he's moved to Discord to help his favorite communities flourish. You'll mostly find him in the Modcast Discord server where he manages the moderation team. To Drew, moderation is an incredibly enlightening experience that allows anyone to help out their community from wherever they are.

Ahmed - Content Writer

Ahmed is a writer on the Modcast team, he's been moderating communities since he was about 11 years old when he made a Slack group for his class. He moderates because he loves helping build communities and seeing them grow! He primarily moderates the Blob Emoji and r/nfrealmusic Discord servers as well as the Modcast server. Whenever he's not doing schoolwork or Discord work, he's listening to music and vibing with his friends.

Content Moderation Team

The Modcast Podcast moderation team works daily to keep every platform we maintain pleasant and safe. The work of the production crew would be impossible without their hard work. Here's our team:

  • Andeh - Discord
  • Binchlord - Discord
  • Ekuc - Discord & Twitch
  • GroovyUnicyclist - Discord
  • Leaf - Discord
  • Louis - Discord & Twitch
  • Minimh - Discord & Twitch
  • Spaniel - Discord & Twitch
  • Trophias - Discord & Twitch
  • Turtle - Discord & Twitch